January [2020] Release Day

Shop Update

Happy first release of 2020, I hope you're as excited about the new products as I am! I've just finished two books that were started towards the end of last year and was glad to get them documented right away.

I'm using a 6x8 pocket album for this year's books and as usual I've got a formula so that I can keep this a manageable project. While I gathered my supplies and worked through my thoughts, it hit me to create bookmarks to act as dividers for each month. Once I had it stamped out, everything else fell into place.

My stack to be read is growing again and so it was a great way to start my album. Even though I have a typewriter that I enjoy using, one of my shortcuts for this project is to type my journaling on the computer and then add it on top of the journaling cards. Alternatively, I could use the digital cards, but I do like my layers.

Some additional notes about how I'm planning to have my album come together:

I created several journaling cards with the Check It Out stamp and will be able to add a quick review along with the dates I started and finished the book.

I'm using photos printed on regular photo paper as well as an Instax printer. For the above Instax, I wanted it to be floating to go along with the feel of the book and so I stapled it to a piece of transparency.

I'm also planning on adding quotes and other items possibly outside of pockets to add interest to my overall album.

If you have any questions or ever want to say hi, feel free to send me an email. Comments here are disabled because I'm unable to reply, but I'm always happy to hear from you!

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