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Things are slowly looking up in regards to the pandemic and we've been fortunate to visit some of our favorite outdoor spaces to see spring in bloom. The project I'm sharing today is from a recent visit to an arboretum, and after multiple trips over the years, I discovered a spot we'd never seen before. Assembling everything got a little fussy, but in the end I think a fun layout came together.

In my everyday album, I've been using the format of creating my layouts on cream paper and then adhering them to the kraft pages. For the left side, I stayed true to that, but having a lot of photos meant I needed to create extra space.

I print my photos in various sizes, but most commonly I print two 3"x4" photos on 4"x6" paper. For anything larger, I use my laserjet printer and print on cardstock or heavy copy paper.

When I printed the entrance to the bamboo forest on cardstock paper, I knew it would act as an insert, but I'd originally thought there would be other items clipped to it and pasted to the back. Instead it ended up simply inserted to look like the top half of the right page. With so much going on, I'm mostly okay with the back being blank.

Feeling inspired by bi-fold travel pamphlets and maps, I thought I'd use vellum as the base for more photos and journaling. It wasn't working to have it open up horizontally, so I rotated it to have it pull down from the page after realizing that I could double my space and create a 6"x16" page. I really like that at first glance, the layout looks like any other in my album, but a closer look reveals much more.

I had known as soon as I'd seen the green 4"x6" card that I wanted to fill in the tags so it was perfect as a sort of title card to add the where, when, and plenty of stamps. To bring attention to the folding vellum, I used an Avery tab with a another stamped sentiment.

One last little detail to note is that while I have many, many ink colors, I don't like to get too matchy-matchy. But I also don't want the addition of color to feel out of place. The chartreuse color in the die cut at the top of the page isn't found in any other embellishment in my layout and since I happen to have an ink that color, adding a stamp brought the balance I was looking for.

I'm looking forward to getting our other local adventures documented with the new items from May's release and I hope to see what you're making!

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