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From the support that is shown, to seeing your projects, to receiving kind words, I find myself thankful every single day. There's been great growth and with it comes great responsibility. ;) All jokes aside, because taxes are definitely no joke, there is big tax news to share. So let's get right to it!

Taxes// Beginning April 1st, 2019, sales tax will be collected from all customers in California placing orders that require shipping. Digital-only items are exempt and tax will not be collected on products that are only distributed electronically. Other states may need tax collected and you'll be able to find an up to date list in the revised Shipping and Taxes page here in the shop.

Coupon codes// I'm happy to see so many people taking advantage of the release day special that began this year! It was important to me to be able to offer a discount without the need of a subscription or rewards program.

Due to the variety of ways that you can check out, the place to enter the code may not always be the same. Here are two examples showing where to enter the code prior to paying.


Please keep in mind, you need to enter the code prior to payment no matter which method you pay with. Unfortunately I cannot issue refunds in the event that the code is not entered at the time your order is placed.

Sneak// Get ready for a special event with the March shop update on the 15th at 8am EST! Can you guess what we've got planned?

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