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Hello there! What a year it has been, and while there's much work still to do, I am trying to head into 2021 with reasons to hope, to dream, and to do better.  In the past months I've found myself in some of the toughest situations regarding the shop, but was very fortunate to have the support of so many people, yourself included. Unfortunately, 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving and I'm saddened to share the following news.

International orders // Effective December 30th, orders outside of the US and Canada will no longer be accepted. This applies to both physical and digital items. Orders shipped to US and Canadian addresses or US addresses via package forwarding services will not see any changes.

I did not reach this decision easily and apologize to all those affected, but I’m unable to provide the necessary resources to comply with the UK VAT (Value-Added Tax) system and the EU eCommerce VAT package taking effect in 2021.

ETA on December 30, 2020

In my many, many drafts and iterations of this announcement, I inadvertently left out that the high costs of international shipping, mail delays, and suspensions also contributed to my decision.

I won't go into the other factors that played a role and I know this news is disappointing to many, but I'm trying to use the resources and time available to run my business to the best of my ability and with great care and attention. Again, I apologize and thank you for your understanding.

Stamp prices // The price of 4x6 stamp sets will see a small increase from $16.00 to $16.50 beginning with stamps released January 15th.

And now for some good news.

Shipping rates and discounts // The US and Canadian flat-rate shipping charges will not increase in 2021. The 10% release day code will still be offered with every new release.

New collaboration // I'm excited to share that I had the chance to work with another talented artist who provided beautiful illustrations for the February kit. Stay tuned for sneaks and hopefully you'll see her artwork pop up in the future.

New products // Geralyn Sy of In a Creative Bubble and I recently spent time together brainstorming product themes. Geralyn had some great ideas and I can't wait to bring new kits and even more stamp designs from her all throughout 2021.

Please note, the shop will close for maintenance on December 30th and reopen on January 1st. Thank you again for your support and understanding, I am so very grateful and wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2021.

My inbox is always open if you'd like to reach out with any feedback or concerns. Please email me here so that your message receives the attention it deserves.

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